Wine club membership offers you discounts on the wine and other exciting benefits.  

The Clan

The Clan

The Clan was set up for keen wine buyers to enjoy premium wine, only available at the Cellar Door, at discounted prices. As we produce very small parcels of wine each year, it also ensures the keen wine drinker does not miss out.

How does The Clan Work?

Each May and October we send out a 6-pack of wine so you can sample our new releases. You have the option to choose a red-6, a white-6 or a mixed-6 pack. All of these wines you get to purchase at between 15-25% off, and if you wish to order any further wines that you have enjoyed from your pack, they will also be at the 15-25% discounted rate. Other benefits include access to our Museum and Limited Release wines. Also, as part of The Clan, when you visit Cellar Door, there are no tasting fee charges, and friends and family accompanying you are also eligible for Clan reduced prices.

How Do I Join The Clan?

It is so simple! Simply purchase 12 bottles of wine from our Cellar Door, or on-line and you are eligible. Just print off and fill in this registration form, fax (02 4991 7724) / scan, email or post to us with your proof of purchase, and we will be in contact to welcome you on board. So, we hope this makes accessing our hard-to-get wines a little easier, and gives you the opportunity to access our Museum and new release wines, as well as our limited release wines.

Heritage Club

Heritage Club​​

The concept behind our Wine Club, the Heritage Club, is two-fold. As a Wine Club Member, not only do you receive discounts on the wines, and access to our Museum wines, most importantly, you get first access to our new release wines.

Why is this important? As a premium producer we make very small parcels (sometimes as little as 50 cases) of certain wines. With our growing reputation, these wines consistently sell out very quickly and so we wish to ensure that our Club Members have first chance to stock up before they are released to the public.

Secondly, but most importantly, we endeavor to make the Wine Club as interactive as possible, and the longer you stay a Wine Club Member, the more opportunities you will have to become involved in every aspect of the wine. From specialised “grape picking days” right through to Museum Wine Dinners, we like our Members to be involved in every aspect of the wine journey. We hope that you will come to regard your membership as an asset and we will be doing our best to ensure the wine, service and facilities match or exceed your expectations.

It is our privilege to be a part of your wine journey.

Singapore Clan

Singapore Clan

Ernest Hill is now stocking a range of wines in our Emerald Hill Singapore cellar door. If you are a resident of Singapore you will shortly be able to order wine on-line and collect it or have it delivered from the cellar door within two days. You do not have to worry about international freight, duties and taxes as these are already paid. If you live in Singapore but are travelling in Australia and you visit our cellar door in the Hunter Valley, you can taste the wines and place an order and collect it when you are back in Singapore. Once again you do not have to worry about freight, duties and taxes as they are already paid. You will also have the opportunity to join our Singapore wine club called the Singapore Clan. You will receive discounts on the wine and other exciting benefits when you become a member.Email us at for further information.