Freight Charges

Freight charges per case (max. 12 bottles):

Zone 1
Cent. Coast NSW
Zone 2


Zone 3


Zone 4


Gold Coast

VIC Country

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NSW Country


Zone 6

QLD Country Mid and North




Zone 7

Northern Territory


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Purchasing Information

Payment Options

We accept the following credit cards:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Diners Club

For your convenience we provide 2 payment options for online sales:

  • Secure entry of Credit Card details
  • Phone payment - we will call you for your credit card details

Secure entry of Credit Card Details

We collect your Credit Card details through our secure checkout form (note the Lock at the bottom right of your browser window), encrypt these details and store them in our database for processing at our Cellar Door.

Phone Payment

Select the 'Phone Payment' option if you would prefer us to call you for you Credit Card details when we process your order.

How to Buy our Wine

Come to our Cellar Door where you can taste our premium wines before you buy.

If you can't make it to our Cellar Door, we offer you 2 mail order options:

How to use our Online Wine Sales System

Ordering online is a simple 3 step process:

  1. Browse our wines by selecting the wine you would like.
  2. Select the number of bottles you would like (either by entering the number in the box or clicking on the 'up' and 'down' buttons) and click alt
  3. Select the 'Cart' option from the window which pops up when you add to your cart or choose 'Show Cart' from 'Your Shopping Cart' in the right hand column then select 'Checkout' and follow the prompts.

The text below answers some common questions about our Online Cellar Door.

What's this Wine Sales Login?

When you purchase from our Online Wine Sales System, you will be asked to Register when you go through the checkout process. When you return to our Web Site, you can login and view your previous orders and update your contact information. Most importantly if you are a registered Heritage Club / Clan Member, you will automatically be billed at our member rates.

I'm a Heritage Club / Clan Member and the Web Site is charging me Retail, why?

The Online Wine Sales System will show Member / Clan Pricing to members who are registered with our Web Site and Logged in. (Note that when you first register on our website you will see retail prices in your shopping cart. When you register, check the I am a Club / Clan member and we will endeavour to upgrade your online status to Club / Clan Member within 2 working days. Once this process is complete you are Fully Registered on our website and will see Heritage Club / Clan pricing. If you have any concerns, please email or call us.)

We check your Heritage Club / Clan Member status when we process all orders in our Cellar Door. If you are a current Heritage Club / Clan Member, you will be charged the Member / Clan prices for your order.

Can I change the contents of my Shopping Cart after I have selected items?

After you select 'Cart' from the pop up window or 'Show Cart' from 'Your Shopping Cart' in the right hand column you will be shown the full contents of your shopping cart. You can change the contents of your shopping cart in the following manner:

  • To change the quantity of an item - Change the quantity in the box and click alt
  • To remove an item from your cart - Click on the Rubbish Bin icon next to the item alt

When you are happy with the contents of your cart select 'Checkout' to complete your purchase. If you wish to continue shopping, select the 'Buy Our Wines' item from the main menu and select the items you would like to add to your Shopping Cart.

Important Purchasing Information

We don't offer refunds or replacement for items which are delivered as ordered.

If you don't receive your delivery, receive only part of your order, or some items are damaged prior to arrival, please contact us within 5 working days to advise us. We will work with you to arrange replacement items or a refund for the damaged portion of the order. If this is required, we may request (at our discretion) the damaged items be returned to us prior to processing your refund.

Please Note:
It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years.


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